Advanced Property Specialists, Inc. was built with the intentions of building a stronger and more trusting relationship between unit owners, Board members and our firm. By offering the latest in community development and our innovative approach to management, we are able to stay in-tune and up-to-date with each association.

We have many unique procedures implemented in order to sustain an efficient and well balanced association. We utilize the latest technology and expertise to communicate with the expectations of the unit owners and the Board of Directors.

Your community is your home and should be handled with extra care and concern when a challenge arises. It should not be an unanswered voice mail or an email that goes nowhere, as it is with other management companies. Here at Advanced Property Specialists, we hold your community with the utmost professional care and expertise.

Our managers and staff are well equipped to handle any situation. When an owner has a concern, they will not be directed to a service hub; they will deal directly with the community’s assigned property manager.

Our managers are certified by the National Board of Certification for Community Association Managers, The Community Association Institute and the United States Department of Labor; they are prepared to handle any situation. They are responsible for the well being of your community and help ensure the unit owners that they will enjoy quiet enjoyment of the property. They work directly with the Board to develop and implement opportunities. They educate, support, and assist the Board of Directors.

Your community must remain at the top of the game to compete in today’s real estate market. We want your investment to produce as much as it possibly can. We are constantly striving to preserve and enhance your property.

Community Management Services

When you select Advanced Property Specialists, Inc., you select an entire team of professionals that are dedicated to serving the needs of your Association!

Full Service Offsite  Full Service Onsite Financial Services  Consulting

Self-Managed Assistance  Property Inspection Service

Full service includes accounting, maintenance and administrative modules, or as required by need for self-managed associations.


· Process and deposit assessments

· Invoice processing and payment

· Delinquent account letters

· Budget assistance

· Monthly financial reporting

Property Maintenance

· Generate work orders

· Prepare RFPs for proposal request

· Property inspections

· Preventive maintenance assistance

· Evaluate vendors

· Supervise vendors

Administrative Services 

· Insurance liaison

· Income tax liaison

· Legal liaison

· Draft violations

· Provide 24 hour service

· Attend meetings

· Board advisement

· Process closings


· Maintain records

· Owner and board communications

· Process mailings

· Board meeting documents

· Owner liaison

· Prepare meeting materials

· Education

· Recommendations

Community Managers and Support Staff

With over a decade of community management experience our managers are continuously engaged in the development and support of your community. Each potential member of our staff is critiqued in customer service, knowledge of community management and understands our firms standing on how vital it is to provide each person with exceptional service.

Your community can find comfort in having a firm that employs over seventy five percent of their community managers with CMCA (Certified manager of community association) and AMS (Association Manager Specialist) certifications. With real-world managerial experience, college degrees, certificates of accomplishments, and ongoing training our team is more than capable of meeting all your expectations.

Our support staff is also trained in critical areas of your everyday operations and completely understands the unique affairs of a common interest association.

Our firm is devoted to provide each person with the most incomparable customer service and follow the code of ethics set forth by the Condominium Association Institute formally known as CAI.


Accurate Financials are one of the most important parts of maintaining a community association. Financials are comprised of many different areas. Some of these areas include collection of assessments, on-time bill payments and monthly reconciliation of bank accounts.

Assessments can be composed from lockboxes, ACH (direct debit) or by mail. All checks come payable to the association not to the management company. They are then processed to the homeowner’s account and deposited into the Community Association’s bank of choice. The community may also choose to integrate coupons or preprinted envelopes.

Every month we compile all of the association’s financials, publish a financial report and distribute it to the Board of Directors. This report allows the Board to evaluate the community’s financials standing.

Our accounting department works diligently to make sure that your association’s fiscal responsibility and record management are accurate, precise and documented in the general line items within you custom budget.

Maintenance Division 

Your community’s conservation and upkeep is another important aspect of your association’s health. Having repairs tended to while they are small issues is a key point to keeping costs down to a minimum.

Maintenance Division is exclusively dedicated to tend to the customers need in a timely manner and with total professionalism. Some of the services provided are carpentry, minor electrical, janitorial services, and miscellaneous day-to-day maintenance matters.

After a work order is generated from your community manager, a well trained member of the maintenance team will arrive to your Association in a company marked vehicle so the Board and the owners know who is on the grounds.

The team member performs the required work as stated on the work order and provides a detailed invoice on what work was performed. If the work required exceeds the prior set cost, a written proposal will be submitted to your community manager. If any maintenance matter is noticed while on the property the team member will take pictures and provide your community manager with the information of the findings so action can be taken.

This division of our firm is devoted to the upkeep and preservation of your asset and will not settle for anything less than flawless.

Property Maintenance 

Each homeowner community has unique maintenance requirements. A community’s design, location, size as well as the type and quality of the building materials, construction techniques employed and recreational facilities have a profound effect on the maintenance needs and costs.

While most associations have no control over these factors, they must develop a program to maintain and preserve the common areas and facilities in good and safe condition. The degree of actual involvement in maintenance and planning by an association’s board of directors and members will depend on the type of management the community chooses such as full service community managing.

Our full service maintenance plan includes the procedures used to handle maintenance requests and maintenance emergencies as well as a schedule for routine maintenance and anticipated major repairs. Establishing a custom-routine maintenance program will assist in minimizing major problems, extending the useful life of the equipment or facility, permits the board to determine who will perform the work and when, and keeps the community well maintained.

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