For the Board

We’re Here for Your Board

A Community Board is an elected set of homeowners that facilitates the day-to-day business affairs of the Association. The Board of Directors is the individuals that set the policies, engage in contract negotiations and hire other companies to provide services for the community.
As these are generally non-compensated positions, there are many benefits to volunteer your time as an Association Board Member.

Having knowledge that the maintenance that is being performed on the property, meets a standard that is consistent with the governing documents.
Assurance that the finances of the community are being handled in a professional manner.
Making sure the curb side appeal is kept up as this reflects the value of the homes.
All board members have the fiduciary duty to act reasonably, prudently and in the best interests of the organization, to avoid negligence and fraud, and to avoid conflicts of interest. Members of the board of directors are the association’s leaders. As a leader, the member is expected to always act in the best interest of the association. This means putting aside personal interests and opinions when performing board duties.

The Board of Directors is generally made up of an odd number of people. The titles that are most common within the Board are:

Board President
Board Treasurer
Board Secretary
Board Members at Large

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