Bookkeeping Only Service

Our Professionals Keep Your Bookkeeping in Order

Accurate Financials are one of the most important parts of maintaining a community association.  Financials are comprised of many different areas.  Some of these areas include collection of assessments, on-time bill payments and monthly reconciliation of bank accounts.

Assessments can be composed from, ACH (direct debit) or by mail.  All checks come payable to the association not to the management company.  They are then processed to the homeowner’s account and deposited into the Community Association’s bank of choice.  The community may also choose to integrate coupons or pre-printed envelopes.

Every month we compile all of the association’s financials, publish a financial report and distribute it to the Board of Directors.  This report allows the Board to evaluate the community’s financials standing.

Our Bookkeeping department works diligently to make sure that your association’s fiscal responsibility and record management are accurate, precise and documented in the general line items within your custom budget.  Below are some of the services provided in the Bookkeeping only package.

  • Accounts Payable & Receivable
  • Budgets
  • Processing Payments
  • Delinquent Lists
  • Late Notices
  • Monthly Financial Reports
  • Income Taxes
  • Reserve Transfers
  • Special Assessments
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