For the Homeowner

Homeowner Tips

Important things to remember:

Make sure your assessment payment is payable to your community.
All assessments are due on the first of the month be sure to know you grace period.
Be sure to updated contact information on file with the association.
Report any common area maintenance items to your community manager.
Read and get familiar with your Governing documents and Rules and Regulations
If you are planning to receive any communication service that will require affixing or attaching any wires or dishes to the structure, send a written request into the Association for review. After the review you should receive written instruction on the outcome of your request.
All requests must be in writing and addressed to the Association via your community manager

Snow Birds:

If you are leaving for an extended period of time, especially during the winter months, be sure to have someone do a safety check at you residence.
To eliminate to possibility of your pipes freezing, make sure your heat is set to a proper temperature.
Pick up your mail or have it transferred to an additional address
When freezing temperatures are expected, keep sink cabinet doors open to heat the pipes under sinks.
It’s safer to have your home checked as many times as possible.

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